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Welcome to AfMA 2015!

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It is my great joy in the Lord to welcome everyone to this historic mission convention in Accra, Ghana. You are welcome! Akwaaba! Mo yee! Mia woe zɔ!

I thank God for not only giving us the vision for this convention, but also giving us the passion and courage to go through all the preparations up till this opening ceremony. We thank him for giving all of you travelling mercies from far and near.

We are all in for a great spiritual fellowship with God and with one another. We must count ourselves blessed to be part of this historic and prophetic movement of God in calling the Christians in Africa to take full responsibility for the formation of National Missions Associations and also collaborate with other continental organizations to mobilize Africa as a global mission force instead of remaining a perpetual mission destination. While we come to thank those from outside Africa who have shown great love and sacrifice in missionary work on the continent for over 400 years or more, the time has come to challenge ourselves as the global majority in evangelical Christianity, to critically examine our own role in mobilizing personnel and resources and aggressively doing missions on the continent and beyond.

I want to thank all the interim leaders of the AfMA for the hard work they have done in laying the foundation for this convention since we were mandated to work on the constitution and structure of the Association in June 2013 at the Kasoa Consultation. I also thank all the Executives of GEMA and members of the central and all sub- committees of the AfMA 2015 Convention. Together we have worked had to put together a program that will bless and refresh all of us spiritually and physically.

I extend a special hand of welcome to all delegates from outside Ghana, especially those visiting Ghana for the very first time. We in Ghana promote ourselves as the friendliest nation in Africa, maybe, even the whole world. Sooner or later, you will discover this for yourself and may return home as the next goodwill ambassador of Ghanaian hospitality.

Relax and enjoy the presence of God and the warm friendship from all present. Together, praying and translating our faith into works, we can shift Africa from Mission Field, to Mission Force.

Author: gemagh

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