Ghana Evangelical Missions Association (GEMA) is the national Christian missions umbrella body in Ghana. GEMA was formed in 1989 at the first Ghana Consultation on Evangelism and Missions under the auspices of the Ghana Evangelism Committee (GEC). It was mandated by the Christian Churches in Ghana to Mobilize, Network, Research and help build capacity for the promotion of missionary activities in Ghana and Beyond. Dr. Seth Anyomi led the first Executive Committee as President and the late Mr. Bernard Ofori – Atta was the General Coordinator. The two other Past Presidents of GEMA are Rev Sampson Dorkunor and Pastor Enoch Nyador. 

The mission of GEMA is to provide a nationwide platform that enables the Ghanaian church to carry out her missionary work, accelerate her pioneering efforts and increase the fruitfulness of current missionary thrust in and out of Ghana.

The purposes and objectives as set forth in the GEMA constitution are as follows:
1. To unite mission related organizations in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
2. To pray for the enabling power of the Holy Spirit to carry out the Great Commission in our time.
3. To promote co-operation among missions and mission related bodies in Ghana.
4. To eliminate wasteful duplication of effort and to pool resources.

5. To create a forum for sharing strategies and techniques 6. To establish a strong
and reliable association that can properly represent Ghanaian missions at the
national and international fronts.
7. To set and maintain improved standards of integrity and accountability in order to increase confidence in Ghanaian missionary activities.
8. To provide the machinery for the compilation, collation and dissemination of information.
9. To cultivate the productive partnership between the Church and the missions.
10. To associate and affiliate with the appropriate regional and global bodies. GEMA membership hopes to provide a strengthened network for missionary organizations and Churches in Ghana. Not only do we have a global fraternity within which you can benefit, we also provide the needed resources that are due organizations and ministries such as yours. We are using this forum as an opportunity to invite you to become a member if you are not already one.

• Networking/Fellowship with like-minded Mission Organizations and Churches
• Capacity building
• Fundraising/support/consultancy
• Training / Conferences
• Membercare
• Research
• Promoting the programs of member organizations
• Featuring member organizations on the GEMA website
• Offering a unique platform for partnership for member organizations
• Recommendation and Validation for member organizations

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