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GEMA membership hopes to provide a strengthened network for missionary organizations in Ghana. Not only do we have a global fraternity within which you can benefit, we also provide the needed resources that are due organizations and ministries such as yours. We are using this forum as an opportunity to invite you to become a member if you are not already one. Contact us today to find out how you can become a member.

Membership Benefits

• Fundraising/support/consultancy
• Training
• Research
• 20% off conference fee
• Promoting the programs of member organizations
• Featuring member organizations on the GEMA website
• Offering a unique platform for partnership for member organizations
• Recommendation and Accreditation for member organizations


Current Members

1        Korle Bu Community Chapel
2        African Christian Mission (ACM)
4        Capro Ghana
5        Christian Outreach Fellowship(COF)
6        Christian Medical Missions & Relief Foundation
7        Fellowship of Associates of Med. Evang. (FAME)
8        Full Stature Missions (FMI)
9        Ghana Inste of Ling. Lit. & Bible Transltn (GILLBT)
10      International Christian Ministries
11      Living Bread Missions (LBM)
12      Meaningful Life International
13      Pioneers Africa
14      Reach the people Ministry
15      Serving in Missions (SIM), Ghana
16      Source of light Ghana
17      Torchbearers Mission Inc.
18      Theovision International
20      Straightway Chapel
21      Association Community Missions
22      International Needs Ghana
25      TSNET
26      Calvary Rescue Mission
27      Oneway Ministries Africa
28      Mission Resource Ghana
29      Reach All Nations Mission Association
30      Charity Africa Mission
31      World Changers Faith Ministry
32      Life Restoration Ministry
33      Mission Purse