Unreached People

The missionary enterprise in Ghana is focused on the unreached and unevangelized majority. It is important to note that in the face of financial and other challenges, the members of GEMA keep on recruiting, training and sending new missionaries over the years and developing more missionaries from the disciples being raised. GEMA’s work has been recognized by Missions Excellence Awards by the Global Leadership Institute based in the USA. The W. W. Dontoh Award for instance is to be annually given to a young missionary recommended by the GEMA leadership for excellence in reaching an unreached field.


Economic Development Services International (EDSI)
The Economic Development Services International (EDSI) was registered as the economic development wing of GEMA to promote fund-raising dinners, personal contacts and business development seminars.

EDSI currently collaborates with Global Advance from the USA for annual business seminars, quarterly business capacity building workshops and local motivational seminars on business development. An independent Executive Board runs the affairs of EDSI and reports to GEMA. We aspire to create a nation of excellence, integrity and efficiency – characterized by the desire to glorify the beauty of God by empowering Christian Businesses.

EDSI aims at marketing Ghana into a business-friendly nation so that the world will invest in Ghana and benefit from our natural endowments of agriculture, eco-tourism, historical sites and our friendly hard-working nationals.


GEMA has been involved in the deliberations of Ghana Evangelism Committee’s (GEC) ongoing National Church Survey project. Personnel from GEMA member bodies have been recommended for the project and missionaries in the North participated in the Northern sector re-survey. GEMA is committed to research that would inform effective work in the sub-region in collaboration with GEC and other global research organizations in unreached locations.


Most members of GEMA are actively involved in the socio-economic development of their areas of operation. Medical outreaches, micro finance, educational complexes, Bible translation and literacy, water related development, relief and many more have been undertaken to support the local economies and the people in the unreached places in Ghana.


Periodic training sessions are held to update our missionaries in the field as well as help missionary leaders become better trainers. In collaboration with New Tribes Mission (NTM) and World Link Graduate Centre (WLGC) and other training Agencies; annual GEMA conferences are organized to bring all missionaries together to share and learn from each other to have refresher in-training sessions.
International Conferences and forums have played a major role in building the networking base of member organizations. GEMA was represented at the Tokyo 2010 and Florida 2010 events organized by the Third World Missions Association (TWMA).


GEMA, since 2003 has been working closely with the Mobile Member Care Team (MMCT) based in Accra. Many expatriates and Ghanaian missionaries have benefited from training programs such as Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills, Peer Responses, Crisis Management and many more. Some member groups and associates of GEMA have become facilitators of member care programs in response to the needs identified in the research on REMAP II in 2003. Missionaries are receiving better responses to their counseling and practical needs in the field. Hopefully this helps to increase our retention rates.