‘Mobilisation is the process of envisioning and educating God’s people about his strategic plans for the world.’*

The “Call to mobilise” is more than just recruiting someone for a very notable task. Mobilisers help shift worldview by casting vision for world missions. This shifting process helps people to become more aware of what God is doing in the world, giving them a sense of connection to a greater cause. This shift in thinking increases their desire to find the specific place and role in missions.

A mission mobiliser’s work is successful when one by one another person catches the vision. One person shares with another person and it expands into the church, community and beyond.

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Kairos Course by Simply Mobilizing

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Activating world-changing prayer for the lost.
Centre for Missions Mobilization

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Explore Resource – Discover God’s Word, World, and Work.
Help Christians who already know and love Jesus embrace their God-given role to make His name famous throughout all the earth. Xplore is a 7-lesson small group study designed to help believers discover God’s overarching purpose throughout history. It helps them understand His heart for all peoples by studying the biblical basis of missions. It exposes the current state of world evangelization by looking at the major world religions and unreached people groups. The study also gets practical by examining five habits that all believers can adopt to grow into a World Christian lifestyle.
Go Mobilize Resource – Inviting Others to Join You in Living out God’s Global Purpose.
Go Mobilize is a small group study designed to help World Christians grow into mobilizers and learn what it takes to start a mission movement among their friends, churches, and families. Participants learn how to:
Use Scriptures to show others God’s love for every nation, tribe, people, and language, point believers to the people and places that have the least access to the gospel and use mobilization tools disciple others toward obedience to God’s global purpose.
Resource – Welcoming the Nations among us – Engage with your cross-cultural neighbors for the sake of the gospel.
A 6-lesson study inviting believers to explore welcoming others for God’s glory. Welcoming is more than being friendly. It is the lifestyle of a person prioritizing God’s mission to “make disciples of all nations.” A welcomer gets involved with those around them from different cultures, developing genuine cross-cultural friendships, selflessly serving, and always being ready to share Jesus with others. Our Father has always been a welcomer and has a role for each of us to play in joining Him.  Welcoming participants will explore: The realities of migrants and near neighbors around them , their own obstacles to reaching out cross-culturally and practical steps they can take to start welcoming.